Episodes as a k-eldest girl K-eldest girls

I don’t want to reveal my real name, so I’m Libby. From Seoul, I was born in 1986 and have a younger sister and a younger brother. My parents educated me on 2 things as an eldest daughter. Firstly, « You should be a role model to your siblings. Your behavior influences a lot on your siblings ». Never smoking nor drinking during adolescence, I studied hard and grew up as how they want me to be. Weirdly, my parents said « The eldest girl is a household fund ». My sacrifice and devotion for family are taken for granted. Whenever my family has economic trouble, I come forward. A few years ago, I lent my parents some millions of won (some ten thousand euros), but yet, I didn’t get the money back. The funny thing is that I totally disagree on this expected role of an eldest girl. Meanwhile, due to a sustained social narrative from 30 years ago, I cannot refuse those demands.

My name is Noh Miran.
I was born in 1990.
Because I’m the eldest daughter but also an only child, I don’t have that much special episode. I do make an effort for a peaceful atmosphere in the family. I pay attention to my parent’s feelings and conditions.
What is special as an Eldest Daughter is that I always cared a lot for mom's emotion and her sentimental recovery. Sometimes, I don’t want to waste my emotion too much and even feel useless about my devotion. But it’s inevitable as an eldest daughter.

This is Kim Nami.
I was born in 1993 and I have a younger brother.
Hard to say that I suffered a lot as an eldest daughter, I cared a lot for my parent’s emotions. Especially, with mom, whenever she’s stressed or needs something emotionally, I tried to sympathize with her and felt an emotional connection. Looking back, I did more than necessary. And my parents strongly expected to be a « good child » role to me more than to my brother.
My episode as a K-Eldest Girl… when I was 12 years old and my brother was 11, both of my parents worked. So, I prepared a meal for me and my brother and washed the dishes. It was normal in my family.
Once, I saw too many dishes in the sink, including a big rice cooker that mom used that morning. I washed dishes as usual, but suddenly, I questioned « why always me? ». Why am I the only one doing housework? I asked my brother who was playing the video game, and said « Can you do some dishes? ». And His answer was « I can’t. I’ve never tried, so I don’t know how. ». That night, I asked mom why she always asks me for help. Mom didn’t answer.
Though I was little, I wanted to help my mom and my mom unconsciously made me do housework because I’m her daughter.

Name, Ollo.
Year of birth, 1991.
Sibling, a younger brother.
An episode, hm, in my family, there wasn’t a special pressure on the eldest-girl. Even so, I had to prepare my brother’s dinner, while parents were away. Especially when I was little, I made ramen or fried eggs… now, I make him cook haha. I should care for my little brother, while I was little too. I felt uncomfortable when my brother still didn’t know how to cook, when he grew up… Well, ironically, he loves to cook for his girlfriend.
As I said, my parents didn’t consider an eldest-girl important. For them, I am their eldest daughter, at the same time, my brother, their eldest son. Maybe, should I marry earlier than him?

I’m prioudiha born in 1992.
I have a brother, 3 years younger than me.
When I was in middle school, I asked my parents to buy me an MP3 player. For them, it was unnecessary for a middle school student, so I bought it by myself with my savings. However, when my brother asked for the same thing, they bought it immediately.
Well, what my mom expects on me particularly as her eldest girl is… she often wants my emotional support, while she has never wanted from my brother.

My name is Seungjin, born in 1993.
I have a 3 years apart younger sister and a 9 years apart younger brother. When I was little, my siblings didn’t do any housework. So, I told them « Do this, do that » and mom said « then, step aside. I do all ». That made me feel guilty, because it’s like making my mom work. I couldn’t help doing housework again and again. I think, most of K-eldest girls have similar experiences.
Unusual thing as a K-eldest girl… let me see… People believe we are more responsible and disciplined. In my opinion, not by nature, but we were raised to be so. « As eldest daughter, you have to do such things », « You must be good at studying and behave correctly to be an example to your siblings. » Adults force us to be responsible, even though we were little…
I have pity on us.